Tobacco is agricultural product of the leaves of plants in the form of nicotiana which is in whole plant. Agricultural product is grown organically by useing organic fertilizer this has been grown, harvested, cured, processed to produce different types of products majorly two types as smokeless and smoking tobacco. Products such as chewing tobacco, cigar, cigratte.

Our owner Mr. Hasmukhbhai patel is from years in these field we have begining since 1970 and established our company from 2002. Our respected owner is having good knowledge and skilled  of original tobacco as they are in these business from many years. We are as joint Associate with other business person as Harekrishnabhai patel, Ramilaben patel, and Ritesh patel. We manufacture, export and supplies organic main products from farm as KALKATTI BLACK CUTTING, KALKATTI BLACK FOLL / FARMS, KALKATTI BLACK CHOPADIYA WHOLE LEAF, KALKATTI BLACK DAKHRU(STICK), KALKATTI BLACK CUTTING etc directly from farm to the market place or wholesaler. We provide qualitative tobacco from which many products as tamakhu, guthkha, cigarrate etc. Our product is original and pure as used little bit is strong smell and effective. We provide export quality tamakhu to our client as You can purchase in bulk or small quantity as per your requirement.  We provide customized raw-material as per your customers requirement from Khambhat Gujarat.

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